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Cornwall-based artist Alan S. Whitfield’s fascination with wood goes back to his early childhood, where he spent time climbing trees, with the woodland as his natural playground.

As an adult, he progressed to working with wood, mastering woodworking skills and learning new techniques, transforming reclaimed timber and mixed media into products for home and garden.  

He obtains timber from sustainable sources, whether it is collecting driftwood from the Cornish coastlineor from scheduled tree falling from local woods and gardens. His findings include bulks of timber from the shipwreck The PZ 87 Rosebud, which has been used in his popular collection of lamps, and oak, ash and beech wood from the Roseland Peninsular, which has been transformed into bespoke artisan pieces for local galleries.

He lives in Penzance, Cornwall, which he has considered a creatively-inspiring part of the world. 

Angie Truman creates bespoke, one-off ‘wearable art’ garments, scarves, shawls and other accessories using traditional hand felting techniques.

She uses local fibres where possible but also loves to work with the softest merino wool, and pure silk and alpaca fibre. 

She lives in beautiful Cornwall next to the sea, drawing inspiration from the changing seasons, the world around me and her lovely family.

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Annette Costello - Stitcher

A designer and maker of many years of experience, Penwith based Annette has turned her talents to producing a range of gorgeous locally stitched homeware.  From luxurious silk and bamboo lavender sleep cushions, to irreverent llamas and reusable totes, Annette's colours and vision will be sure to brighten your home and your day.

Annette is also part of the team which stitches the town flags.


Memories of strolling through the woods, with dappled splashes of sunshine along the path.  The colours of the landscape are, for me, vibrant with life and warmth. My favourites are always turquoise, pale yellow and green, vibrant orange rust and mauves. Sometimes I am drawn to the powerful forces of nature, which can be all consuming.  The power of the sea is never to be underestimated.

The house where I was born and brought up and the little houses that cling to the Cornish coast hold architectural and personal familiarity that inspires me, secure and undaunted by the winds and tides.

These are my influences and my passions that I try to recreate in my work.

I trained in Illustration/Design at Falmouth University in the 1990’s and later as an Adult Education Tutor.

  • Saffron Summer. Framed Oil on Canvas. 30cm x 50cm.  £350
  • Autumn Walk. Bal Lane, Greatwork. 40cm x 40cm.  Oil on Canvas.  £220
  • 'Jewels of the Landscape'. 8 x 8 inch Framed Print.
  • Granite Hilltop to Mounts Bay. Oil on Canvas 70cm x 70cm.   £375
  • Coming on dusk. West Cornwall.  70cm x 50cm. Oil on Canvas.  £350
  • And then it was May. West Cornwall. 40cm x 40cm. Oil on Canvas. £220
  • Afternoon on the 'moors', Helston. 70cm x 50cm  Oil on Canvas  £350
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A little bit of Cornwall was created by Brian Osborne after a recent Stroke. Brian had been a gardener for 20+years but retrained in order to protect his sanity during convalescence.

'Everything I make has taken account of the environment at every stage, from cleaning the beaches as I collect sea glass, to using recycled silver and packaging'.

Making people happy without costing the earth.

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I am Cornish Artist and a life long creative; my art has always been connected to the natural world.   My childhood was filled with watching and exploring freshwater rivers, woodland and our local coastal environments.   My creative and artistic development has continued through the St Ives School of Painting and Newlyn Art school, along with local creative support from other artists.   My work is created in my studio in North Cornwall.  I am thankful for wonderful loyal customers, and have sold both nationally and internationally.  

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I make hanging Tree of life with Semi precious stones or lampwork beads. Where possible I try to use recycled products.

I have had a passion for crystals for a number of years, so it fits lovely that I am now using them making something I love.

Commissions are very welcome, just message me and I will get back to you.

Claire Harris Fused Glass

After a slight career detour (training to be a waste water engineer) I decided to follow my passions and re-train.

Art, and more specifically, glass art! Due to lack of facilities within Cornwall I had to learn the process in the old fashioned way, reading books and experimenting. Being self taught allows me to break free of the confines of other peoples techniques and ideas and create my own unique style. I love tactile art so I always create lots of texture in my glass, the extra surface area allows much more light reflection which brings each piece to life.

My workshop has been visited and authenticated by the Made in Cornwall team so you can be sure you are receiving artwork handmade in Cornwall. My homestudio is crammed to the rafters with glass equipment and supplies, photography equipment and packing supplies, there is no room for extra staff, I make everything, by hand, myself!

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Claire Potter makes her organic, rustic silver pieces from her home in West Cornwall.  She works predominently with sterling silver, although recently she has begun to incorporate local seaglass and stones into her designs.

Paintings On Canvas & Found Wood

Images inspired by people and images from around the world and the landscape and elements of Cornwall.

I grew up in Cornwall but moved to London as a teenager where I completed a BA in Fine Art at Middlesex University and also a teaching certificate.  Eventually I moved back to Cornwall and made a home in West Penwith which I absolutely love for its wild and rugged landscape. 
Most of my paintings have begun by using a process called ‘frottage,’ - whereby the bare, unstretched canvas is placed on rocks and rubbings taken from the surface.  The marks have been used as the beginning of a visual story, i.e. a pictorial narrative unfolds portraying key archetypes and an internal mythology where the local landscape has also been an integral part of the imagery.

More recently I have been painting on found pieces of wood, often pieces of driftwood washed up on the beach.  The beach at Perranuthnoe, (home of the Cowhouse Gallery), is one of my favourite places for gathering wood whilst walking my dogs.

I love the idea of recycling and transforming old bits of discarded wood and giving them a new life; the images are inspired by the shape and texture of the wood.

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Daena Rose - Textile and mixed media art

Daena Rose uses wool to produce both felted and free flowing wool paintings.  Her favourite subject is the landscape around her at her home in West Cornwall.  Daena's work is available in original format and also as greetings cards.

Botanical tiles, soaps, Fairy in a jar night lights, hand printed wrapping paper & cards, scented candles, bags and a whole lot more!

There is a choice of Cotton Totes - great for taking to the beach or shopping bags made of Juco (a blend of cotton and jute).  All bags are made from natural products and printed locally with water-based inks which are kinder to the environment.

I also love making all sorts of other things from candles & soap to hand printed cards and wrapping paper.

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Debeads. Handmade lampwork beads, buttons and jewellery made by Deby Ursell.

Delan Cookson - Ceramicist

My present work comprises a range of thrown porcelain bottles, bowls and vases. Each pot is an individual variation of a classic form. I use porcelain because of its delicacy and whiteness.

Typically these pots are covered by a silky blue translucent glaze of variable intensity. This colour and the purity of the form evoke calmness and these pots work well as decorative elements in modern interiors.

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i am a decorative painter. Everything on this page is painted freehand to my own design. 

I have been painting in the Folk Art style for over 20 years

Helen Shaw - First and Last Stitch

Creator of pocket mice, Textile artist Helen Shaw's creations will delight and amuse you.  Not only that but they make great gifts.

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Janet Groves

Janet was born in Birmingham in 1942 and moved to Cornwall in 1969.  She studied watercolour at Penzance School of Art under the late Colin Scott, a wonderful teacher who taught her to see another side of the everyday.

Most of her work is drawn deeply from imagination. Paintings in egg tempera and gold leaf chronicle the life and times of Edgar Nevermore, Raven Extraordinaire. Watercolour paintings explore a “Goldilocks” theme and all feature in many private collections in the U.K. and abroad. Landscapes are almost all in oils.

Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy, the West of England Academy, the Mall Galleries, the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and the South West Academy.

All businesses start with an idea and lots of hard work. Now we're into our 24th year or creating beautiful children's clothing and accessories.  Each item is made locally. We're members of Made in Cornwall and governed by trading standards.

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Sun catchers and light diffusers, made from gorgeous glass beads.

Jenny Watt - Sew Watt

New and recycled all handmade in Cornwall. We make bottle openers, keyrings and jewellery from recycled skateboards and bags from coffee sacks

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Our members come from all over Cornwall, from Lands end to St Austell. Cornwall has always been an inspirational place and the range and quality of work produced by our members strongly reflects this.  

What we offer our members

Vital to us, is the belief that together we all bring a wealth of ideas, knowledge and experience into the group.
Our fundamental ethos is to nurture and support each other as artisans and traders.

As members of Mirva, a group approach expands access to opportunities to grow everyone's trade and business, whilst still retaining each individual's identity as a sole trader.

The most obvious of these, as an example, is the shared trading space at popups and events, making it extremely cost effective, but there are many more doors which can be opened as a group - for example - trade fairs,workshops,out of county events and further permanent outlets, all of which are easily feasible as a collective but would be out of reach as individuals.
We can promote our work with the added credence of a branded gallery collective, and create ties with other galleries and retailers. The sky really is the limit!