Thinking of becoming a Mirva Member?

Mirva Collective is a Community Interest Company -, a CIC is a not-for-profit company, so any funds generated go back into growing the business and expanding opportunities for all members. 

Angie and Sue have equal responsibility as directors, running the company on a membership basis. We do not keep the payments ourselves. It goes to build the Mirva Gallery Collective and benefit us all. This does not affect your status as sole traders within events or popups.

The benefit of a CIC is that we can offer community workshops, mentoring of traders just starting out, put on exhibitions, feed new members through the popup events with a view to opening further permanent Mirva outlets all under one umbrella - opening many doors for more trade outlets for all our members.

We'd love to hear any ideas you have that may benefit you and our members! 

 Membership costs £15. This amount is only due after you have traded three events with us, or traded via one of our three week pop up shop runs.

Membership enquiry